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Lady and the Tramp: a rich!Ian AU 1/?

Title: Lady and the Tramp: rich!Ian AU
Authors: vkdemon Dragon (playing Mickey) and theatresweety Kt (playing Ian)
Pairing: Mickey/Ian
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex times, bad language, homophobia
Summary: AU Ian was taken in by his biological father at the age of 5 . Mickey and he run across eachother at a gay bar.
AN: This is an rp text so apologies for the shifty POV. There's not enough Mickey/Ian so we thought we'd share our mad little AU
Graphic by theatresweety Kt


Ian could feel the music pounding in his chest and he was pretty sure if he didn’t have a headache in the morning from a hangover, he would from the music. He didn’t care though. He was off tomorrow and he wanted to have a little fun. He leaned back against the bar, taking a big swig of his drink, feeling the burn and relishing it. He wanted to dance but he wasn’t a big fan of just going out and waiting for someone to come to him. He looked across the crowd, trying to see if there was anyone he could grab up.

Mickey was sick and tired of home. Only a week out of juvie and he was tired of home. He was tired of his brothers whining and his dad yelling and having to run off Mandy's boyfriends. He wanted to get laid properly. He had just enough pull to get a proper shower over at the crazy Sheila's by clearing her gutters...roof gutters. He was fucking gay ya pervert. No he was clean for once in his life, shaved with the leftover razors from Sheila's husband leaving and looking sharp enough in the one clean shirt and the jacket he took from the cockled he was fucking at the kash and grab. The dude finally just gave him whatever he wanted. No he was sharp and could definitely get some high rent district tail. He moved through the pulsing bodies, his tongue darting out to lick at the side of his lips. He caught the look of a young pretty red haired boy. Well hello pretty.

When his eyes met the other boys, Ian’s lips turned up into a smile slowly. He was definitely handsome. He’d do. He set his drink down and pushed away from the bar, crossing the room to him. He was a good few inches taller and for some reason that was really hot.

“I saw you looking...” He said over the music.

"Yeah?" Mickey grinned, it was a little forced. He decided to drop it. Smiling never was his strong suit anyway. He instead went for looking the rich boy over from head to toe. Fuck he was hot. A little skinny for his taste. He placed a hand at Ian's hip and tugged him forward. "Well now I'm touchin'."

Ian stumbled a little, surprised at the urging, but grinned. “You are..” he murmured, moving a hand to rest at his shoulder, looking down on him. “So am I.” Up close he could see the freckles on Mickey’s nose and cheeks and he thought that was adorable.

Mickey splayed his hand out on Ian's back, pressing it against the surprising amount of muscle he found. He looked over the arms of the ginger. Huh look at that. There was muscle. Well wasn't that fucking hot. He leaned closer, looking right up into those eyes. Fuck very pretty. "Lean down here."

Grinning, he leaned in closer, wrapping his arms loosely around Mickey’s neck. “Better?” He asked, still grinning. He thought this guys voice was really sexy too, he wouldn’t mind hearing more of it.

"Perfect." Mickey licked his lips before catching Ian's mouth in a hard kiss. His hands both curled over the tall boy's hips, down to his ass to squeeze hard.

Ian felt like the air had been knocked out of him. He returned the kiss desperately, rocking into Mickey when his hands found his ass. He’d never had someone so wonderfully take his breath away before. His heart raced and he almost felt light-headed. What was it about this guy that was so different?

The rich boy's response was perfect. Guy like this probably had a few hundred casually in his wallet. He knew that the watch the guy was wearing was well worth it. He groaned deep when those lean hips rolled back into him. All thoughts of theft disappeared with the need to dominate the ginger's mouth and push one hand into the back of Ian's tight pants.

He was content to let Mickey lead for now. With a kiss this amazing, he couldn’t help but let his mind wander to what the sex would be like. He parted for just a second, trying to catch his breath. His lips never left Mickeys though, just parted a bit, panting, lips still grazing, teeth knocking his a little. It wasn’t pretty but it was perfect.

Mickey groaned as they parted. His breath panted hard against Ian's mouth. Fuck that was good. His hands were insistent, wiggling their way into his far too tight jeans to press a finger against Ian's crack.

Ian gasped at the feel of a finger pressing against him. He rocked back into it, a thrill running through him knowing this was happening in public. He groaned a bit and ran his own hands down Mickey’s back, pulling him in against him hard, their hips grinding together. “I don’t usually bottom.” He purred into his ear, taking a little of the control.

Mickey groaned loudly as he was ground against. He didn't know why but his head wanted to roll to the side and offer up his neck submissively for Ian's taking. fuck no was he just bowing for some rich prick but fuck he wanted to. He got ahold of himself and nipped at Ian's ear. "You will for me."

“Mm, you might change your mind soon...” he grinned, knowing that what he was packing usually impressed his lovers. He didn’t mind being a bottom, not at all, but he loved being a top.

Mickey chuckled and kissed his way down Ian's long neck. He bit into the tendon. The rich boy thought he was funny. Way to go. He was going to fuck the hell outta the guy. He never bottomed and he never intended to. It was weak. "How about we get out of here pretty?"

“I was just thinking the same thing.” Ian agreed, rocking his hips into Mickey's again for emphasis.

Mickey smirked and tugged Ian forward to shove him toward the exit. He followed close behind, admiring the tight ass and broad shoulders on his night's lay. Fuck he knew how to pick them. He eyed the little alley out back and then his tail. This boy didn't seem the alley fuck type. "Your place?"

Ian made his way out of the club. He had his hands in his front pockets, making sure that the back of his pants pulled even tighter for Mickey to see. He turned to him once outside and grinned, “Read my mind again. Come on.” He lead him to the car, a sleek silver Mercedes.

Woah... Okay so fancy cars like that didn't come through his place often and when they did they were for one of the skanks who dated older men. Mickey found himself sitting in the Mercedes and suddenly he thought the skanks were onto something. Damn. "Aren't you loaded?"

“I guess my parents are, yeah.” He admitted. It wasn’t in a cocky way, just matter-of-fact. He shrugged and started the car up, hearing it rumble pleasingly. A few moments later and they were on the road out of downtown.


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Apr. 18th, 2012 07:19 pm (UTC)
This looks sooooo good! Can't wait for more :)
Apr. 18th, 2012 10:23 pm (UTC)
awesome start! Can't wait for the next chapter
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