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Lady and the Tramp: a rich!Ian AU 2/?

Title: Lady and the Tramp: rich!Ian AU
Authors: vkdemon Dragon (playing Mickey) and theatresweety Kt (playing Ian)
Pairing: Mickey/Ian
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex times, bad language, homophobia
Summary: AU Ian was taken in by his biological father at the age of 5 . Mickey and he run across eachother at a gay bar.
AN: This is an rp text so apologies for the shifty POV. There's not enough Mickey/Ian so we thought we'd share our mad little AU
Graphic by theatresweety Kt


Mickey watched as they headed into the fucked suburbs. Shit it was going to take him hours to get home on the bus tomorrow. Looks like he needed to get the rich boy to pass out so he could stay until the started running at 6am. He pressed his hand over on Ian's thigh.

Ian grinned, sneaking a peek at him as he drove. He pulled up to the house and hit the button for the garage, the door opening for him to pull in. Once parked inside, he pressed it again and the door closed behind them. He turned the car off and grinned over at the other man, “I’m Ian, by the way.”

Mickey couldn't believe the damn cookie cutter magazine perfect house they pulled up to. There must be like two bathrooms in this fucking place! Talk about rich. He let his hand travel to Ian's cock to squeeze. Oh nice... "Mickey."

“Mm...” He groaned a bit at the touch, “Let’s head inside, Mickey.” He pulled away and crawled out of the car, heading around to the other side to wait for him and lead him inside. Once in the house though, Ian couldn't wait any more. He pressed Mickey up against the garage door and kissed him passionately.

Mickey impacted with a grunt. He groaned deeply and arched his spine off the door and against the other man. He didn't waste time as he pulled at Ian's shirt to get it off.

Ian moved with him, helping him undress him even as his own hands worked quickly to do the same for Mickey. He didn’t really care where they did it as long as they did. In fact, he wouldn’t mind having more than one go at it. “Fuck...” The word slipped from his lips against Mickeys.

Mickey pushed and threw his shirt aside. His hands fumbled as he growled irritated at his failure to manage Ian's pants. He gave a little shove at the ginger before instead focusing on shucking his own pants.

A moan left him then and he pushed down his own pants. Underneath there were no underwear. He’d planned for the night. Besides, those pants weren’t the kind you wore and had a line with. He grinned, reaching down to palm at Mickey’s length.

"Dirty fuck." He growled at the exposed man. He arched under Ian's palm. He'd already been on edge now the direct contact was all he needed to increase that last half inch to a slightly smaller then average length.

Mickey wasn’t the largest Ian had been with but he didn’t mind. So far the rest of the night had been more than enough to make up so he was sure the sex would be great too, regardless. He stroked him slowly, teasing. His other hand moved around to squeeze at his ass, one finger daring to dip into the crease. “Still want to top?”

Mickey usually bullied his lover into staying far away from his ass. This man though, he actually arched into it. "In your dreams sweetheart." He mocked, refusing to let go of control. He took Ian into his hand. Fuck that was beautiful, long and flushed like the rest of his body. He grinned wondering if there were freckles there too.

Despite the reply, Ian grinned and continued to tease his ass. He groaned, rocking into Mickey’s hand, enjoying the warmth and the motion. He really didn’t mind bottoming but this man seemed to enjoy, whether he realized or not.

Mickey gripped Ian hard, the squeeze in response to the jolts of pleasure coming from Ian playing with his ass. Now he'd touched himself, pretty much getting a finger in himself while jerking off was one of his favorite things when he has enough time without interruption. Having Ian's confident fingers stroking over him was making him act like a bitch in head, arching and gasping.

Ian stroked him a little faster and brought his finger to his lips, sucking it a bit to get it wet before returning it to Mickey’s ass. The now slick tip pressed at his hole, seeking entrance as he continued to stroke his cock. So fucking tight. He couldn’t imagine how good that would feel around his cock.

Mickey cried out for a half second before catching it in his clenching teeth. He was used to lays on the downlow, places that why had to keep quiet to not be discovered. The sound would be an accomplished for any of his normal hook-ups. "Shit."

“You can be as loud as you want.” Ian purred against his ear, hand still rubbing up and down his cock. His finger pressed in further, working its way into Mickey’s body, feeling the tight heat and the muscles there.

Mickey arched hard, fucking himself onto Ian's hand. Okay so that felt fucking amazing. "Fuck. Fuuuck you got a bed?"

“A nice big one.” He promised with a grin, still not moving away or stopping. Mickey would have to make him. His finger fucked into the other man, relishing every sound or physical response.

"Good. I'll fuck you there later." He growled as his head pressed back against the Door. Fuck that finger felt good. "No fucking way you're fitting that in me."

Ian laughed a little, nibbling on his ear, “You’d be surprised and it’ll feel so good. You’ll feel like you’re falling apart in the best possible way.”

Mickey's soft grunts took a turn for the uncomfortable as the spit lube began to dry and Ian's fingers started to drag. "Fuck. Ian dude we need stuff."

That was his sign to pull his fingers out. He nodded, leaning down to kiss him again, “Come on. I’ve got lube in the bedroom.”

Mickey stumbled, anyone would be knees weak after that. He followed Ian, nerves and lust fighting with each other.

Ian lead him up the stairs to his room. It was large but comfortable. It was neat but didn’t look as stoic or perfect as the rest of the house. He smiled a bit, grabbing up the lube from the bedside drawer, waiting for Mickey to shut the door and join him.

Mickey shut the door and for a moment it sounded like a death sentence. Shit. He threw back his shoulders and powered on. No pampered rich kid was going to make him balk. He laid out on the bed on his back.

Ian moved over to him and joined him on the bed. He set the lube down beside them and leaned over Mickey, kissing along his jaw.

"Get to it." He snarled, the tension starting to get to him. He was already going to be this rich prick's bottom bitch he didn't need to start going soft.

Ian grinned and grabbed for the lube. He popped the top open and got his fingers slicked up, tossing it aside after it was re-capped. He shifted, moving a hand down to press a finger at his asshole again.

"Ahn!" He gritted his teeth and tried to focus on something other then that wonderful terrible feeling.

Ian kissed along his neck as his finger pressed in, teasing him. He didn’t want to hurt him but he was sure Mickey would tell him if he was.

Mickey wasn't used to the feeling at all. He squirmed on the hand, trying to ease the tension in his ass. THe steady pressure at his inner ring finally exhausted the muscle and he eased up.

“There we go...” He grinned, nibbling on his neck.

Oh wow... that felt good! He let out a sudden growl of need. "Fuck please."

Grinning, Ian worked the one finger, fucking him on it. After a bit he added a second finger, stretching him out, “Feels good, hm?”

"Yes shit. Why does that feel so good?" Mickey had no idea what he was in for. He'd always done it fast and dirty with Kash, the older man took care of himself as far as pleasure went. Kash was just a nice tight hole. This... damn he didn't think Kash was such a pussy anymore.

Ian nibbled on his ear as he replied, “Don’t know, but it does...” His two fingers worked into him, curling up just a bit to try and find his prostate. If he thought it felt good now...

Mickey was already shifted with a needy grunt. When those fingers found a jolt that screamed through his body. His eyes saw stars and his body arched hard off the bed. "FUCK!"

“There it is.” he grinned, teasing over the sensitive spot more.

"FUCK! fuck fuck fuck." He clenched hard as his body arched up trying to get the pressure off as his nerves started to fray. He gulped hard and turned his face into his bicep to bite down.

Ian pulled his fingers out finally and grinned more. He reached over, finding a condom and ripping it open. He rolled it down over his length and slicked up. He moved over Mickey again, looking down at him, “How do you want to do this?”

Mickey looked up at Ian, his face flushed from the need. He didn't fuck his tail face to face, it was too... intimate. "I'm turning over."

“Okay.” He said, sitting back to wait for him to get ready.

Mickey flipped over, getting on his knees and elbows. He widened his legs and had to bury his face in his arms. Fuck this was humiliating. "Just get on me already."

Ian grinned and moved over him. He lined himself up and started to press in, going slowly enough as to not hurt him but quickly enough that he wouldn’t complain.

Mickey whimpered against his arm, pushing back against the invasion. Fuck Ian was big.

Ian thrust slowly, each time going a little deeper. Once he was in far enough, his hands moved to Mickey’s hips and he thrust once more, burying himself into the smaller man. “Fuck...”

Mickey pushed back, fucking himself on Ian. He needed fucking more. It was so huge and pressing against everything! "Come on ya pussy harder!"

Ian grinned and obliged him. He thrust harder and faster, kissing along his neck as he did. God, Mickey was so tight...

Mickey whimpered at that, trying to keep pace. The huge tool was pushing against his prostate constantly! He felt tears begin from his eyes.

He groaned, fingers digging into Mickey’s hips. “Fuck, you feel so good...”

Mickey clenched around Ian, wanting to pull Ian toward the climax that Mickey was so close to. And he hadn't even touched his dick!

Ian cursed loudly, head falling back, “Shit! Mickey... so close...”

"AH!" He cried into his arm and came over the ginger's rumpled sheets.

A few more thrusts and Ian came too, thrusting into him hard one last time. “Oh, fuck...” He groaned out, long and low.

Mickey panted, exhausted from the brutal perfect fucking. He usually didn't have time for afterglow or a place to sleep. He could feel himself being pulled.

Ian pulled out and disposed of the condom, laying back beside Mickey. “Fuck... that was great.”

"Not bad firecrotch." He grunted.

He laughed, “Firecrotch?”

"Yep." He shifted and let out a pained groan. "S'what you are."

“I don’t mind that.” He laughed more.

Mickey frowned, looking over at Ian to try to figure why the guy was smiling so much. "You'll just take anythin' won't you?"

“Well firecrotch is a pretty good nickname.” Better than some that he’d had.

Mickey's dark blue eyes flicked over the ginger, trying to figure him out. "You always this happy?"

“After amazing sex? Hell yeah...” he laughed.

Mickey licked at the side of his mouth, distinctly not blushing. "You got a toilet in this place?"

“Through that door.” He pointed to it, rolling over onto his side. He had his own bathroom.

Mickey stumbled to the room. The bathroom was huge, far larger than his houses or even the Gallagher's. He sat down on the toilet and suddenly let out a pained groan as his very unused to this body reacted.

Ian layed in bed, staring up at the ceiling. That had been perfect. He hadn’t had sex like that in... ever. He smiled at the thought and hoped Mickey wouldn’t mind staying, though he didn’t really seem like a cuddler.


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May. 30th, 2012 11:25 am (UTC)
LOVE this!
though i'm wondering when is chapter 3? still one month between?
Jul. 11th, 2012 10:26 am (UTC)
this is great!
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